A lesson is given prior to every trail ride, which includes instruction on the basics of horseback riding as well as safety tips and any additional questions that may be asked. 

  Woodland Trail Lessons



Our animals are trained with Resistance Free Training, which means that no unkind hands or feet have ever been laid on them. 

We love our horses! Their happiness and well being will always come first. 

​​​​Come and Experience the excitement of horseback riding on our multitude of private woodland trails! We have professionally trained our horses since birth. Novices through experts will find them to be of the highest quality and temperament of horses anywhere. 

We always provide a knowledgeable trail guide who leads the way, answers questions, and provides assistance.

All of our horses are children friendly, and for the very small we have miniature horses!

All of our trail lessons are personalized for the needs of the novice to the expert rider.

Safety is our priority. 

Please give us a call for more information about private group pricing.



Reservations in advance are strongly recommended.

For the safety and comfort of both horse and rider, we do have a weight limit. Please call for more information.

Emerald Springs Adirondack Ranch is


for trail lessons RAIN or SHINE

throughout ALL SEASONS